Fees and rates

Physiotherapy estimated cash rate:

  • First appointment with treatment: R550,00 to R650,00 for 45-60 minute appointment
  • Follow-up appointment: R480,00 to R550,00 for 45 minute appointment
  • Appointment times range between 45 minutes and 60 minutes and price includes small disposable (acupuncture needles, tape and oils).
  • Home based physiotherapy is at an additional cost depending on the distance from the practice.
We charge within Medical rates. Should you not have medical aid our fees are charged according to the treatment rendered which differs from client to client. We have card facilities available. Home visits are offered for those who are frail, suffering with acute COVID-19 conditions and unable to attend treatment at our rooms. Please call us to inquire about the additional cost for home visits.
We accept all major medical aids however, it is the your responsibility to inquire about available funds from your medical aid for treatment.  Please do so prior to booking your appointments.